Nick & The Team!

It all started with a dream!

(super corny I know)

Its 2008 and while working yet another weekend shift at JFK Medical Center as a radiologist assistant it all hit me. I hated my job and wanted more freedom. While watching a late night infomercial one night I came across a course on how to “flip houses” and was HOOKED. I mean who isn’t fascinated by those total house turn around’s on HGTV right?! After reading books and attending seminars I was ready to go.

6 Months Later:

My first ever flip at 24 years old was completed while living in my parents and the result: A TOTAL DISASTER! I ended up losing a ton of money but learned a lot of lessons that has us where we are today! A successful family owned and operated establishment buying more than 30 homes a year. (NEVER GIVE UP!)

Meet the owner:

My names Nick Taveras and I run the show over here at DNT Home Buyers along with the best team in the business. I’m a married, father of 3 beautiful girls who are my world and my WHY! If I’m not at a school event, taekwondo class or recital, you’ll likely find me here at the “Headquarters” making sure everything is going smooth! Only day off (if that even exist) is spent with the family watching football and grilling in the yard!

Meet the Team:


Hey my name Ricardo “Ricky” Taveras and I’m the head of our acquisitions department. You guessed it, Nick and I are related! If you give us a call I’m the guy on the other end of the phone! I promise to always be honest and fair. I really love what I do over here at DNT Home Buyers because we’ve helped so many and changed lives by offering a better way to sell!


Hey Marissa here! Between you and me, I actually run the show around here! I handle all the behind the scene aspects that are essential to our day-to-day operations. Making sure permits are submitted (we do it the right way!) and everything is good to go throughout the entire house buying and selling process. Once we by your house you’ll be hearing from me as we guide you every step of the way from purchase to paycheck!


Hi guys, names Mike! I’m the project manager here at DNT Home Buyers. I’m the guy driving between projects making sure its all going as planned. And with these contractors that’s easier said than done, trust me! Rehabbing houses is a complex job and you gotta be quick on your feet because plans change fast and money goes quick! Looking forward to planning out your house next.


What’s up everyone! I’m Henry and if you know about sports, you can call me the utility player or 6th man over here at DNT Home Buyers! For those who didn’t get I’m the guy out in the field running any of the of important errands the team needs in the buying and selling process.