How Do I Sell My House In New Jersey Fast For Cash?

We Offer Cash For Your NJ House Fast!  Lets Show You How…

We offer a SIMPLE and headache-free way so sell your house by removing all the middle men involved in the old house selling model including agents, banks, and inspectors! By simply paying cash we can significantly simplify the entire process making selling your house fast a walk in the park. Here is how:

Step 1:

Tell us about your NJ property in the form below or call us directly at (732) 352-9065

Step 2:

We’ll reach out to you within the hour, discuss some details over a 5-10 minute call, and make our no obligation cash offer shortly after that.

Step 3:

We close at our office or even remotely using a local & reputable title company and you walk away cash in hand!

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3 Simple Steps!!

Now this only shows the steps involved, but we want to fill you in on exactly what goes on behind the scenes!

We encourage everyone to do their own research before deciding their best option to sell their house for cash in New Jersey.  After reading this page you’re gonna know the IN’s and OUT’s of how we do business. With absolutely nothing to hide you’ll see how selling your house in NJ fast, for cash to DNT Home Buyers is the best solution for you.

How do I sell my house fast in New Jersey for cash“ what you’re thinking?

Many people believe that “home buying” companies are scammers that only make insultingly low offers for properties, and in many cases they’re 100% right! While searching on google you may come across other home buying companies saying the same things and even using similar websites! Every single one reading “Fair offers in 24 hours, we pay all fees, etc..” with very little transparency or originality. These days you MUST be careful where you put your information and with whom you speak with over the phone! When deciding which company to go with go down this checklist:

  • Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Have they purchased hundreds of homes throughout the years?
  • Is there a face behind the mystery voices over the phone?
  • Do they have professional staff on hand or this is a one-person show?
  • Can they provide me with proof of funds showing they are actual buyers and not just middle men attempting to find a buyer?
  • Can I go and see the actual establishment or is this someone operating out of their basement?
  • Can they provide a $2,500 NO-FEE cash advance within a few days of signing a sales agreement?
  • Are they willing to provide a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to ensure they will not be backing out of an agreement?
  • When they ask “where did you learn all this?” say they the good guys over at DNT prepared me and now I’m gonna head back to them!

One Shot To Do It Right!

Trust us, many of our clients come back after trying a “competitor”. These companies sometimes make insanely high offers just to entice you to choose them. Those offers are super inflated to prevent you from looking for more offers from honest companies like us. They will then pressure you to sign a contract and after the contract is signed they will attempt to lower the offer using the results of an “inspection”. Don’t Fall For That! This may cost you time and money you can’t afford to lose.

On the other hand others will try to make you as low of an offer as possible to feel you out and see what how little you’re willing to take. These “salesman” strategies don’t make any sense here at DNT Home Buyers. No need for high or low offers, just an honest one!

But enough about those guys. Let us show you the right way!

How We Make Our Offers To Buy Your NJ Home

We Never Make “Low Ball” Offers!

It’s In Both Of Our Best Interest For Us To Make You Our Highest Possible Offer!

Here’s why:

A ton of time and effort goes into doing a neighborhood analysis so we can get you cash for your home in NJ. On top of that, time and money are spent driving to properties so we can make sure our verbal offer is something we can stand by. We already know that no one will accept a low offer without it being justified and explained. If we spend so much time and money doing all this why not just get to the point and make the most honest offer!

To put it simply:

We stay in business by getting offers accepted and getting to work on your property fast. The only way to do that is to give offers you see as fair! We wholeheartedly do our best to give you the best possible offer we can give. This explains why our track record is second to none! 

Our Offers Are Based On The “After Repair Market Value” Of Your Property!

This simply means, we look at what the value of your home would be, completely fixed up by comparing it to renovated properties in the neighborhood. Based on this value we will formulate our offer to you!

How Exactly?

A) Lets say you own a house similar to the one below you are looking to sell…

B) Now like in many neighborhoods across New Jersey, lets say your neighbor has this IDENTICAL style of house but with some upgrades and improvements:

-New kitchen with granite counter tops
-Central Air and Heat
-Newer Roof
-Finished Basement

C) Now lets say this house sold for $350,000.

What did we just discover?

If we were to upgrade this house and make it similar to the neighbors house, then we should also be able to sell for $350,000 right? EXACTLY RIGHT!

Now we know,

The market value of this property once FIXED UP will be $350k. This is called the AFTER REPAIR VALUE or ARV for short!

This will allow us to make you a fair offer that works for us, and if it works for you as well, then we can close in as soon as 7 days! As you can see ours numbers are based of off market values and not us trying to take advantage of a difficult situation.

Our Offer

Over here at DNT Home Buyers we like to skip all the haggling and value transparency and honesty, that way we can make this process as smooth as possible for you.

Here’s how we calculate our offers!

YOUR OFFER = After Repair Value – Repair & Updates – Holding & Selling Cost – Our Profit

Lets break down some of these terms for you:

After Repair Value (ARV): This is the value of your property once we FIX IT and bring it completely up to date

Repairs/Updates: Ever walked out of Home Depot without spending $100? US EITHER! Lets face it repairs are expensive. Our average rehab cost $65,000.

Holding & Selling Cost: These are the cost of us holding the property, the legal fees, and agent fees that need to be paid once we fix it all up and sell it forward. These are all charges that would occur even if you did the work and sold it yourself! BUT you won’t have to deal with this when you sell directly to us! This normally equals to 10% of the ARV!

Our Profit: Now we never try to hit a home run when we sell a property, but as a business we do need to make something to keep the lights on, pay the team, and invest back in to help even more homeowners! We prefer to do many deals at minimum profit versus only a few at huge profits! This is a win-win process for everyone!


It’s this simple:

We take the projected After Repair Value and subtract all of our expenses of updating it and along with a small profit and we have YOUR cash offer!

Want Your Free Offer? Get Started Now With This Form!

We buy houses in any condition. See how much we offer for your house in cash! No realtors, no commission, no repairs, get a top offer today!
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Let’s Show An Example!

Let’s take a look at an actual property we purchased a while back to share how we applied all the steps above. Let’s say this is your house in its current condition:

Definitely not the worse house on the block but super outdated

If you recall our earlier example your neighbor has this identical style of house as you but, they updated the kitchen and bathrooms, finished the basement, and ripped up the carpet and put new floors throughout. After all that work and months of dealing with contractors here’s their finished product:

WOW! Look at the difference! Can you see why your’e neighbor got $350K for his property!

Now for DNT Home Buyers to sell your house (after we purchase it) for $350K, its a must we update it to the same level as your neighbors house so we can get the same value!

It would be impossible for us to sell it for $350K in its current condition when the surrounding market has updated houses. Would you buy it “as-is” for that price?!

We already know what you’re thinking!

That was the renovated value of the house BUT, is it worth something in its current condition before renovations?! Lets say you called a local realtor and they assessed the house and said in its as-is condition its worth about $200K.

Now once you give a call we’ll make you a pretty solid offer over the phone based on purchases in the past. If we’re in the same ball park price wise we’ll come out and take a look at the property to get a more accurate idea! We’ll then use our findings and along with our team (agents, project manager, and underwriter) we’ll come up with a game plan and precise offer!

DNT’s agent & underwriter:

“Nick, for us to get full market price on this house we need update everything that house on the same street did. In this neighborhood we have to use hardwood floors and granite counter tops along with stainless steel appliances and finished basement.”

DNT’s Project Manager Mike:

“Nick, due to the square footage of the house and the extent of renovations needed, the cost of these repairs is going to run us $80K.”

Lets Run The Numbers:

ARV = $350K
Repair Cost = $80K
Our Selling Cost = $35k
Let’s Say Our Profit For This Purchase = $60K

(YOUR OFFER) = ARV – Repairs – Selling Cost – Profit
(YOUR OFFER) = $350K – $80K – $35K – $60K
YOUR OFFER = $175,000

Lets Break This Down

The agent you called in said the house is worth $200K on the market in its as-is condition right? After that 6% agent commission and closing cost you’re gonna walk away with about $184K. Remember as-is houses tend to stay on the market much long than renovated houses. This can take 4-6 months or longer to sell! Ever heard of an expired listing? That means this sale can expire on the market and not sell AT ALL!

Lets weigh out the options here.

You can sell for a guaranteed price of $175K in as quickly as 10 days or you can settle for a possible sale of $184K that can take 4+ months.

I know, its not the easiest decision to make.


What if our Project Manager says it only needs $45K and instead of $80K?!

Lets take a look at how suddenly everything changes:

AS-IS Value = $200K
Repair Cost = $45K
Selling Cost = $35K

YOUR OFFER = $350K – $45K – $35K – $50K
YOUR OFFER = $220K !!!

We just paid $20,000 more than what its currently worth, saved you months of waiting and added another $36,000 to your bank account compared to what the agent would get you!!!

Want Your Free Offer? Get Started Now With This Form!

We buy houses in any condition. See how much we offer for your house in cash! No realtors, no commission, no repairs, get a top offer today!
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The Reason We Have The Sweetest Offers

Now we know anyone, and EVERYONE, is going to make this bold claim. Here’s why we can stand by this as truth!

Our offers are based on the end value of your home once we get in and fix it all up. We’ve done this process hundred of times and know exactly how to get it done fast, efficiently, and most importantly, cost effectively. The money saved on this process makes our offers a lot juicer than the competition because we already have the crews ready to go with the game plans on hand.

We buy over 5 houses for cash a month throughout New Jersey so we don’t need to maximize profits on our deals. We’re looking to make buying your house for cash the easiest process you’ve ever experienced, from problem property to pay check! Talk to you soon!